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I got something to add that I may have said before. If I offend someone, it may have to be done.

Look, NCO's, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! If the Soldier is telling you he is having problems with his wife, are you meeting with the Soldier and the spouse? Do you even know where your Soldiers live? Are you getting out to the SSQ and checking to see how these guys are living or are you relying on the fact you don't have Soldiers in the SSQ and feel that stopping by the SSQ is outside of your lane?

Do you know how many children your Soldiers and NCO's have? Have you spent a minute to talk to their children? Do you know where the spouse works? Is s/he ever at the promotion/award ceremonies?

Does your Soldier or NCO never leave home on the weekends? Do you know why? If the Soldier goes out, do you know where? Do you care? Do you call your Soldier on Saturday afternoon to include them in a pick-up game, or do you value your free time more?

Look, this ain't to trash the NCO's who may read this. This is also not to say that you may be responsible for the reprehensible things your Soldier or NCO may do. This is only a suggestion for those Leaders who care about more than stripes. Those that care about taking care of Soldiers and helping them before an Oops becomes an Oh Shit.

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