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Originally Posted by NAF1138 View Post
You say Zionism is imperialism. I am asking if you feel it always has been. Zionism existed for a long long time prior to the foundation of Israel. In your view was it Imperialist from the get go? If so, I want to see evidence to support this belief. If not I would like to know when you think it turned into an imperialist enterprise.
I don't know if I can answer that question, but what I can say (I think) is that Zionism before the late 19th Century was mostly an idea. Of course I can understand the motivations and justifications for the idea of Zionism, such as the perceived need to recover the dignity after being displaced and persecuted multiple times over many centuries. And the very real need to feel safe, particularly as liberalism broke down in 19th Century Europe.

After the establishment of political Zionism, however, Zionism was transformed from an idea into a political movement, with consequences. Again, the motives behind that movement are understandable, but what I'm pointing out is that this movement had very real consequences for both Jews and non-Jews alike. No matter how you slice it, the waves of Aliyahs displaced Palestinians. And what has occurred over the past century, particularly since the establishment of Israel the nation-state in 1948, is a pattern of propaganda that has been used by Zionists to justify their settlement, establishment, and expansion of a Jewish state on land that had previously been occupied by non-Jews. That's not fiction; it's fact.