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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
Are you suggesting that I ought to agree more with her on the basis that she's not actually in charge of anything? Or that in the future, her understanding of issues may change, so why draw any distinctions on our slightly different viewpoints today?
No, I'm suggesting judging her by her words and actions, not what you "have a feeling" she might do.

I have said that I gave her the benefit of the doubt on what appeared to me to be a sincere apology, only to have that apology walked back. So suggesting that I take more of her words at face value does not seem like a particularly smart thing for me to listen to.
By the worst possible interpretation of her words, perhaps. By a charitable reading of her words, or even a neutral reading, I don't see how she "walked back" her apology.

ETA: besides which, literally the entire point of the op/ed was to treat every other country the same with respect to several issues. I explained rather thoroughly that we might not want to treat every single nation exactly the same, for reasons I discussed. Who's to say that I'm NOT taking her at her word when she says all countries should be treated the same with respect to our foreign policy?
By all means argue this issue. It's a reasonable thing to disagree about. But you're still extrapolating -- "treat every country the same on issue X" doesn't necessarily mean what you suggested. And you're extrapolating in what appears to me to be the most negative possible interpretation.