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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
In Germany, most if not all taxis are Mercedes. At one time, the team I was part of undertook asking several drivers about it: not only are they viewed as durable, reliable cars but also many of their drivers love detailing them. Every driver we asked proudly showed off these little boxes with special brushes and oils that you were supposed to use with the different woods and lovingly explained the maintenance they did on the car.

I've got the hypothesis that one of the reasons Mercedes-Benz decided to rebirth the Daimler brand and icon for their Smart line is precisely that: Smarts don't have woods, they're targeted to women and in general we'd rather do our nails or dust our house than detail a bunch of different wood bits in our car.
Yeah, in Germany, the Mercedes brand is like Chevy in the US. Every taxi I saw in the 90s was usually a Mercedes 190E. I owned a 70s vintage 240D when I first got there. What a piece of shit that old thing was. It always seemed to me that Mercedes had a problem with their paint coatings. The things seemed to have rust issues.

I drove both a BMW 325i and an Audi on a couple of business trips. They could certainly fly down the autobahns, and handled very well. I like cars, but I'm not willing to pay the US prices for any of them.