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Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
out of all those cars, I still own the '07 Rabbit (2 door, 5 speed manual, 200,000+ miles still on the stock clutch and just as solid as when I bought it), and the '12 Golf TDI is my daily driver.

Both put an ear-to-ear grin on my face though, and the DSG actually has a couple advantages over a clutched manual (Dear OG, never thought i'd be complimenting an automatic), since the shifts are near instantaneous, power delivery is seamless, and I can actually safely shift gears while apexing a tight corner to keep the car in the powerband, something that is less advisable in a clutched manual, due to the longer interruption of power delivery, there is the possibility of destabilizing the car in technical twisties.
I've had a couple VW's over the years as well. I just donated the most recent one to NPR because it was still very road-worthy and will probably serve someone well for another few years to come.

It was a 2000 VW Jetta GLX (VR6) with 5 speed manual. Leather. Fully loaded. I bought it new in 1999 and drove it happily for 20 years. Regular maintenance and a few unnecessary upgrades was all it took to keep that thing running. Still the original factory clutch and exhaust. Taught both my kids to drive on it. The youngest drove it almost exclusively for the past year. Never a dull drive in that thing. Such a lovely car in all conditions. Sometimes I still wish I had it to take out for a spirited dash through the twisties.

That said, soon as my ass hits the seat of the MB, I forget about all the other cars.
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