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Originally Posted by TokyoBayer View Post
Does anyone have recommendations for summer reading? I really donít care about the genre, plot or even the language itís written in.

It just has to be a paperback in medium blue.

What? You donít purchase things for their outer appearance?
If you don't think aesthetics matter in a vehicle, you need to explain why all the major automakers maintain large and lavishly funded design centers and spend many millions on the exterior and interior appearance of every new model. The alternative would be to churn out cars that evoke the Soviet era of automotive design, where every car looks like a Yugo. Aesthetic design complements engineering and both are things in which Mercedes excels, which is why some of their cars look like works of art.

For most of us, appearance in a car is not the most important feature by any means, as long as it isn't blatantly ugly, but it's definitely a factor in decision-making. I care about appearance as a matter of aesthetics in an expensive piece of property, even though I personally couldn't care less about the "image" factor -- but many people care a great deal about image, even if they would never admit it.