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Originally Posted by Daylate View Post
BTW, as an aside, I've noticed that all the new cars look almost exactly alike, at least from the outside. I drove by a Rolls-Royce dealer the other day, and the only way I could tell that it wasn't a garden variety Honda was by a minute inspection of the grill.
What's the point in driving a ridiculously expensive car if nobody knows you're doing it?
As long as by "all the new cars look almost exactly alike" you mean "not alike at all"! Sure, there are superficial similarities, in the sense that cars of every decade have similar high-level styling themes, but come on! Mercedes is particularly adept at having distinctive styling themes that tend to be common to particular model lines. It's not hard to be different, but the styling knack that Mercedes has mastered is to be different and aesthetically appealing at the same time. As for Rolls Royce, I think they were once very elegant but I don't much like their modern look. Still, they're definitely unique. If you think this looks like a Honda, may I suggest an eye exam.