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Originally Posted by Mcmechanic View Post
I think MB has missed the boat when it comes to the US market. Why spend that kinda money on a tight cramped sedan that handles like a sports car, when u can buy a Chevy Tahoe thatís much more comfortable, much bigger, and can tolerate crappy potholed roads. Americans value size/$ at an acceptable quality level. Instead of quality/$ at reduced size.
...maybe that's one reason Europeans aren't as big as Americans despite suffering from the same food industry: we have smaller houses, smaller cars and smaller roads and we'd like to continue being able to use them. For us, that sedan isn't cramped, and it can drive on our narrower roads and park in our smaller spaces comfortably. Most of the roads my GPS takes me on when I let it avoid traffic lights (which it hates for some reason) wouldn't be wide enough for that Chevy.
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