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Part of it is simply that what the Chevy or Cadillac have as options, Mercedes considers baseline. Sometimes it happens that by the time you load everything (including some stuff you don't give a shit about but which is part of each successive "package") onto another brand's similar-sized car, the fully-loaded car is more expensive and has a worse functionality ratio* than the one which started as more expensive and also as already having all that other stuff.

* hereby defined as "things I really want" divided by "stuff I had to get because it was part of a package". For example, back in the Dark Ages I bought a car which, in order to include a CD player, would also have acquired several speedy-looking stickers. The price of the change from tape player to "CD player plus snazzy stickers" was higher than that of a truly high-end sound system. More-expensive models already came with a decent-to-high end CD player, no need for snazzy stickers.

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