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Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
I draw the line at having the sights and sounds of it being broadcast in a public venue where people have no choice but to encounter it whether they want to see it or not.
Nothing to say re: the sight, but I'm pretty sure terminals inside a library are muted/don't have speakers. I'm sure you've been shushed before by a (possibly hot) librarian who gave you the evil eye for daring to clear your throat inside her temple of knowledge.

(Also, given the hysteria going on these days with regard to children (i.e., anyone a day under 18) and sex, why is it that no one in this thread seems particularly disturbed by the idea of children watching and listening to some of the most vile shit human beings can dream up, and at an age where they cannot possibly comprehend or understand it?)
Possibly because the hysteria comes almost entirely from your side of the political spectrum ? It's the "morals and values" crowd, not the librulz, who nuked Janet Jackson from orbit you understand.

Funny, cigarettes and alcohol are legal, but I bet you couldn't light up or pour yourself a scotch in one.
Cigarettes aren't legal in public buildings, and at a guess I'd vouch public inebriation is a no-no in NYC as well (hence the brown paper bags - now *that* is, I'll grant you, retarded).

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