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So it's too hot for a July minirants thread?

Too bad, because I need a place to vent, and it's too ridiculous for the workplace rants thread.

I've been in need of a new work computer since November 2018. I was promised a new computer in January of this year...unfortunately, the order for my computer was added on to an existing IT ticket for another computer request, so once the first request was fulfilled the entire ticket was closed without sending my new computer. Fast forward to June, when my department manager realizes why I never received my computer. He submits a new request to IT, and assures me the computer will be in-house by July.

And indeed it was! Except this wasn't a small form factor tower like the other engineering computers; this was a tiny, underpowered box smaller than a binder. Yeah, it looks great on my desk, but it hits 100% CPU usage with four PDFs, two spreadsheets, and a handful of browser tabs (in Internet Explorer!). IT insists I have no need for an engineering computer, although the last time I checked, both my job title and my degree say Mechanical Engineer...go figure. I've had to beg to get critical order processing software installed, and they closed my request for Acrobat Pro because "it needs a license." Well, I need to put watermarks on documents and crop pages, so fuck you. (If you're not familiar with the steaming pile of shit that is Acrobat DC, these activities are now considered to be "editing a PDF," which can only be performed with the Pro version.)

I did manage to scavenge parts to get the old computer into working condition, but it still has issues. Until my supervisor and manager can get this shit sorted out (my supervisor told me today that it's going to take a few weeks), I'm stuck using two craptastic computers in an attempt to do my damn job. At least I did score two new monitors.