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Originally Posted by flatlined View Post
Thanks for the warm welcome back


In sad news, Steve died of kidney failure last year. He was a very good cat who came to us damaged but did the best he could once he had his slaves properly trained.

Steve's Kitten was with him when the vet came for the final visit and tried to hiss the vet away, so we had to put her in another room. She hid for about a week, then went to the rescue room and picked out a puppy to have for her own.

We didn't want another dog and we certainly didn't want a puppy. Even if we did want a puppy, we would not have picked a puppy that looks to grow up and be a moose. A very hairy moose with monster feets. Puppy is now 6 months old, towers over the greyhounds and refuses to pee/poop outside. That's what litter boxes are for.
You've been missed, that's for sure.

Sorry to hear about Steve. My own old man kitty has recently developed hyperthyroidism on top of the IBD he's been dealing with for the last 3 or so years and the heart murmur he's had since kittenhood. The vet's a bit puzzled, though, because his levels dropped from 7.8 to 0.5 in the 3 weeks he's been on the medication. The first is far too high, the second is weirdly low and they don't understand how he could have dropped so fast. So I get to take him in again in a couple weeks.

So ... what sort of litter box are you getting Mr. Huge? I'm trying to figure out something that would be large enough to accommodate him and still be small enough to get through the doors and to clean out. No luck so far. Or are you going to try and train him out of thinking he's a cat? (Have you ever named Steve's Kitten, or is that her official name?)