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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
I agree with you though for different reasons. Some moron nearly burned our house down some years back - on New Year's Eve, not J4, mind you....

We were at home, near midnight, and heard a whooshing sound. It reminded me of the sound if you drag a cardboard box across concrete.

Then the smoke detectors went off.

After our first task (running around screaming), I called 911 while my husband investigated - and found that there was a fire in our backyard. A small one - it had rained recently, and this was in the mulch just outside the back door. We clobbered it with the fire extinguisher, and were able to tell the firemen that it was dealt with, when they arrived a couple minutes later.

The next day, we took another look - and there was a large dent in the aluminum siding where the thing had bounced off the wall. If it had gone one foot to the right or two to the left, it would have blown right through our walkout basement windows, into the finished basement, and we'd have had a very different story to tell.

We asked a fire marshall to stop by to document what had happened so we could file with insurance. He took one look at the device and said "Huh. That's not legal here The closest place it *might* be legal is South Carolina" (we live just outside Washington DC).

So some asshole drove a minimum of 400 miles after having procured some truly scary stuff, decided to combine alcohol and gunpowder (or whatever makes those things fly), and nearly wrecked our lives.

Luckily, we just got a story out of it, and a bill for several hundred dollars for the siding repair. And we found out that there are benefits to poorly-built, leaky-walled construction, as the smoke from that small fire got into the house and was sufficient to set off the alarms. We were also lucky that it had rained recently, which kept the fire from growing too quickly. Had it gotten bigger, it still might have done a lot of damage even though it started on the outside.
Wow. I'm always uneasy around the 4th of July just for that reason, especially during dry spells and its effect on shrubbery, grass, pine needle beds. Much more flammable.

I too had an incident during New Year's eve ( whereby they're as nutty with the fireworks as July 4th around here )

Heard a loud "Whack! hit the house. Thinking it was a rocket, and having found none, I'd wait till daylight to look more thoroughly. None noted.

It turned out to be a bullet! I only found out months later due to finally calling a roofer to find an elusive leak I developed but could not find. He called down to me from the roof and peeled back a shingle to reveal a large hole in it. We could could not find the slug in the attic. From the diameter and trajectory, it was plain it came from a 20 or 16 gauge shotgun ( firing a solid "slug" ) fired upright in to the air. We have some yahoos around here.

The roof was repaired but I still shudder with the major "what if", as in what if it fell a few yards short and what if I was on the back patio?

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