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So according to Nissan, the front seat passenger is an idiot who is incapable of doing any navigation functions.

Their navigation software which appears to have been programmed by drunks WILL NOT let anyone enter an address while the car's shift lever is set anywhere but park.

So when Mrs. BD and I are en route to an unfamiliar location we have to pull over and put the car in park to enter an address.

And while we're at it Nissan, why did you move the sound system's fucking volume controls on the steering wheel? They used to be easily controlled with my thumb without my need to change my grip on the wheel. Now the volume buttons are in a recessed area that causes me to move my grip (and divert my gaze to find the little fuckers).

The old location still has the familiar rocker button in it and it happily changes the information screen on the driver's console every time that I try to adjust the volume. (I know, first world problem) But it's a first world distraction that I have to overcome multiple times daily.