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Originally Posted by UDS View Post
I blush becomingly. Thanks, guys.

In my view, a few factors. In no particular order:

Austerity: Since 2008, the UK has been a fairly depressing place for a lot of people. Not miserable; just persistently glum, real wages stagnating, low-grade employment abounding, growing inequality, public services contracting and deteriorating sense that things are getting better or are going to be. People want a change, and this looks like a change.

Rebellious gesture: Also, people want to express dissatisfaction, and this looks like an opportunity to express dissatisfaction by kicking the political and cultural establishment in the nuts. This factor probably explains why people don't feel the need to examine too closely whether the change effected by Brexit is the kind of change that is going to address the factors that make their world joyless. (Hint: it isn't.)

Nostalgia: Much Brexiter rhetoric is incredibly nostalgic, looking back to times when, they like to think, the UK was a much more signficant, and a much more confident, country than it is today. People would like to recapture some of that.

Widespread profound ignorance ......
Hmm, in other words, why America elected trump. Makes sense.