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18 hours. Yangon to Mandalay. Lonely Planet suggested getting there early so that you can catch a seat near the front of the bus where the ride as much more stable. So I got there an hour early and got a window seat two rows back of the driver. The only other westerners were a mom and daughter who unfortunately got seats behind the rear wheels. Once the bus was full, they filled up the center aisle with plastic stools and stuffed a bunch more people in.

Shortly after we departed, I pulled out an apple and cut into in with my brand new Swiss army knife. My hand got in the way and I started bleeding like a stuck pig. Interestingly enough, before I left, there was a tetanus vaccine shortage in the US so I did not have an up to date tetanus booster.

Now in 2001, the major north south highway in Myanmar was a dirt road. At one point in time it narrowed to one lane and we had to wait an hour until traffic cleared so we could proceed. About 1 in the morning we pull into the major stop on the way. It was a village with a sort of a restaurant.

The mom and daughter westerners were completely dying from motion sickness, and could not go on. So they bailed in this village that had enough electricity to power a string of low wattage Christmas tree lights. There was no hotel or anything. I hope they survived their ordeal.

9 hours later we arrive in Mandalay where upon I showed my gaping wound to the hostel owner and he promptly popped me onto the back of a scooter and sent me to the medical clinic. They walked me up to the front of the line and gave me a tetanus shot from what looked like a fresh hermetically sealed hypodermic needle. So, I was able to get the tetanus shot that was unavailable in the USA.