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Originally Posted by Bob Ducca View Post
Just a thought, I don't know how many of you will be traveling, or how old your daughters are, but a cab might be a decent option. The fare from Wrigley to downtown won't be crazy ($20-25 would be my guess, maybe a touch less) and it might not cost a lot more than paying for everyone to take the train ($2.25 each).

Don't underestimate how crowded the El trains and buses will be after the game. Plus, to get close to Union, you'll have to change trains from Red to Brown and that can add some time while you wait for the new train.
Cabs aren't going to be any better, but for the fact that the CTA is doing work on the Brown Line in the Loop on weekends this summer.

The CTA recommends you transfer, but the added walk from Red Line stops in the Loop to Union Station is not terribly much, maybe about quarter-mile or so. You can walk due west from Jackson and State (the Red Line stop) to Union Station at Jackson and Canal. I might particularly recommend this in light of the aforementioned Brown Line weekend construction work.

Red Line trains run about every eight minutes and Brown Line trains run every ten minutes, so I'd add twenty minutes to account for missing/not being able to board the first train, especially if you are going to transfer. The trip itself is about on the Red Line is twenty minutes. Then walking to Union Station, which might be another ten to twenty minutes.

So overall, for a straight shot on the Red Line, fifty minutes; if transferring to the Brown Line, about an hour.

(The CTA's other suggestions—Red Line to Blue Line at Monroe and Red Line to Pink Line at Jackson are just re-re.)