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Originally Posted by guestchaz View Post

What gkster suggested is very nearly what I like to do as one of my extremely rarely indulged vices, and is exactly what Ukulele Ike said about applying directly to your arteries (for all practical purposes)

I like to take a piece of bread (or however many), and soak it in still-warm-from-cooking bacon grease, just enough to sop up a bit of it without making the bread totally soggy with it, and eat it that way. I only do this with fresh bacon grease though, since I never save it. I don't know how the flavor would hold up in grease that has been saved and refrigerated, then later reheated.
This reminds me of something my dad used to do. He would let the grease settle just a bit, pour off the thin part on the top, then dunk bread in the sludge of grease and bacon detritus that remained. He called it "lick daub" or at least I think that is what it was. I never saw the term written down.

It was darn good, but I am sure it was hellaciously bad for you.