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Originally posted by Kalashnikov

Do a google search on Morris Dees, after the Southern Poverty Law Center (who he works for), almost all the rest of the top hits are against him.
FYI, search engine ranking has no relationship to the validity of the websites. Also, the number of con sites vs the number of pro sites doesn't necessarily reflect on the validity of the opinions on those sites. It doesn't even necessarily give a true picture of public opinion. For example, if 9 sites trash someone while only one site praises him, it doesn't show that 9 of out 10 people are against that person; only that 9 people feel strongly enough to go to the trouble of putting up a website (or possibly that one or two people put up 9 websites).

Think about it... If someone likes and supports what Dees is doing, they're not going to put up a website praising him. They're going to perhaps send a check to his organization and maybe link to the SPLC from their website. What would be the point in them putting up a website that reflects what's already being said at On the other hand people who don't like what he's doing and feel strongly enough about it (especially those people whom he's attacked) may put up a website expressing their opinion. In fact one individual may put up a number of sites and spam the search engines (I'm not saying that's what happened in this instance but it can happen.)

Morris Dees heads an organization that takes a very strong stand against certain individuals and organizations. Someone who does that, right or wrong, is going to be attacked by people who resent what he's doing. The fact the he's attacked doesn't prove that he's wrong, only that he's good at ruffling feathers.

Whether or not he's a fraud depends on the facts, not on search engine rankings.