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Originally Posted by Der Trihs View Post
"I perceive Christianity in a more negative light than I perceive other religions". Partly because it's the one I have to put up with, and partly because even as religions go it's especially unpleasant. It's all about despair and hate and death, and the loathing of any form of happiness that doesn't come from hurting or oppressing people.
Yeah, kind of this. Contrary to the proverbial preference for the devil that you know, I think many of us have a special abhorrence for the nasty institutions we're most familiar with.

Not that I haven't had mutually respectful conversations with self-identifying Christians, including Polycarp on this board back in the day.

My intellectual take on the matter, as distinguished from gut-level reactions (as much as possible at any rate) is that any organized and codified religion is antithetical to everything spiritual in the same sense that euthanasia and taxidermy aren't very compatible with life. To the extent that "spiritual" means anything that is actually genuinely worthwhile, it references a lot of processes that can't be specified and written down in a book of truth nor spoken of authoritatively by someone that is defined as one who should be automatically believed, or represented by a clergy that is distinguished from the laity. Or that has an official orthodoxy in any shape way fashion or form. But having said that, the ills of Christianity could and can and do manifest in all the other orthodoxies and to that end they're all bad news.

I myself am not an atheist. I use theistic language and do so non-cynically, non-sarcastically, to refer to aspects of experience I consider quite real. But all attempts to codify that have backfired spectacularly.