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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Merriam Webster calls it "sometimes disparaging and offensive". If you want to hang your hat on "not all dictionaries call it offensive all the time", then feel free. But it's a slur the way you're using it, and there are non-slur ways to say the same thing. Using it knowing this just means that you're okay with using (and rationalizing) ethnic slurs.
Why throw in “ethnic” at the end? You’re already railing against me for what you say is a slur — and without a word of criticism for BigT for inaccurately hanging a hat on dictionaries in the first place — and you have to add in the bit about “ethnic”, too? If I do wind up shrugging with a switch to “illegal aliens”, would that get me a free pass from you on both the ‘slur’ front and the ‘ethnic’ front?