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there is an entrance to the Chicago (Amtrak) Union Station, off of S Riverside Plaza, correct?

Later this month, I'm going to be walking from the Quincy Orange-Line stop, down Jackson Blvd, towards the Amtrak Union Station (rolling a reasonably-sized piece of luggage, along with one carryon).

If I cut up north on S Riverside Plaza (I'm reading my Google Map here), is there an entrance to Union Station from that side? I'm probably waaay overthinking the distances here, but I'd prefer to not walk half a block north, then find out I'm "behind the building" (where deliveries are made, and the employees go to smoke ) - just to find out I have to double-back and come in from the Canal side.

Thank you for the tips - I imagine I just need one or two "GQ factual answers", and we can lock this one up.