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I listened to, played, and sang "All Along the Watchtower" a bazillion times before I realized the two approaching riders were, in fact, the Joker and the Thief. I thought they were inside the compound with the watchtower where princes kept the view, and it was that place thatthey had to get out of!

Originally Posted by MonkeyMensch View Post
Hell, I got that beat! I'm old enough to have seen Have Gun, Will Travel on original broadcasts (barely.) I never knew what the heck the title meant until a couple of weeks ago when a skoshi bit of insomnia had me watching Encore Western at 4 a.m. It's a cookbook! No, no. It's a work sought classified ad! I swear I was so tickled that I finally figured that out.

I used to think that it meant, "If I have a gun, I'll travel; otherwise not." Now I see it's more like, "Have window-washing squeegees, will travel to find work."

Sheesh. A mere 45 years later...
Oh, I thought that, too! And I can certainly remember the original broadcasts. Hell, I thought Paladin's first name was "Wire!" (You know - "Wire Paladin - San Francisco")

A couple of decades later, I was looking something up in the dictionary and saw the word "Paladin" near the word I was looking for. I discovered a Paladin was a knight errant under the reign of Charlemagne, who went around righting wrongs.

Shazam! OK - NOW the horsey figure (the knight chess piece) made sense! "Palidan" wasn't the guy's real name - it was just his working name! "A knight without armor in a savage land" - duh! Oh, and his card meant I have a gun and I will travel. Just send me a telegram.

It only took me 20 years to discover this, though!