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Originally Posted by Daddypants View Post
Not something creative but... I have a habit of trying to figure out what the different letters on the back of cars mean. Only recently did I realize what the A in Audi A4, A6, and A8 stands for. Duh!
You got me here. Is it "Audi?"

Okay, here's one: my parents have a slew of 45 singles from back in the day. I remember some were James Brown, and occasionally a 45 would have "Part I" of a song on it.

I was listening to a BBC documentary about the history of recorded music, where the commentator remarked that most songs are in the 3-4 minute range because that's as much that would fit on a 45...

And then I was listening to the Jackson 5's "I Am Love Pt 1 & 2" and realized the song was 7 plus minutes long - too long to fit on one side of a 45, hence why there was two parts to it.

I've been puzzling over this for most of my life and just figured it out... I'm 37.