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Originally Posted by Labdad View Post
Oh, I thought that, too! And I can certainly remember the original broadcasts. Hell, I thought Paladin's first name was "Wire!" (You know - "Wire Paladin - San Francisco")

A couple of decades later, I was looking something up in the dictionary and saw the word "Paladin" near the word I was looking for. I discovered a Paladin was a knight errant under the reign of Charlemagne, who went around righting wrongs.

Shazam! OK - NOW the horsey figure (the knight chess piece) made sense! "Palidan" wasn't the guy's real name - it was just his working name! "A knight without armor in a savage land" - duh! Oh, and his card meant I have a gun and I will travel. Just send me a telegram.

It only took me 20 years to discover this, though!
I got the Have Gun part when I saw them originally (right before Gunsmoke on Saturday nights) but I too thought Wire was his first name.

I'm watching them on DVD now, and they are awesome. One of the shows from the first season has the origin of the dance in the Star Trek pilot - in a show written by Roddenberry. In the very first show, he is introduced saying farewell to a woman, with a look that shows that Paladin doesn't love only his horse. But I think Paladin is his name, and he got it from the writers assigning a name to match the character.

For my screwup, it took me years of listening to Dylan's Motorpsycho Nighmare to realize it was a takeoff on Psycho - despite very obvious hints such as the title a mention of Tony Perkins and the girl's wish for him to take a shower.