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Silk Tie Egg Kits

It's that time of year again -- Easter is around the corner, so it's time pick up an official Briston Family Silk Tie Egg Kit! This year, ditch the Paas and give silk tie eggs a try! If you've never seen what silk tie eggs look like, here's a great example:

You wrap eggs in remnants of silk ties, boil them, and watch as the colors and patterns transfer onto the egg. Makes for some serious things of beauty.

The only problem is coming up with the silk -- you need to butcher up some nice ties in order to get enough. Plus, you need to cut up cotton fabric, measure out just the right amount of vinegar and gather up a bunch of rubber bands to hold the whole thing together...

Or, you can head over to and pick up everything you need in one package! My wife and I have spent the past year gathering up every silk tie would could lay our hands on and making these kits containing everything you need to make dozens of beautiful egg designs. Check 'em out!