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Originally Posted by BrianJ View Post
I'm just curious. When you say already discovered, does that just count in the MMO portion of the game? Can I discover everything myself laying solo?

Or am I sharing a common galaxy with the MMO even in solo mode?
Originally Posted by TimeWinder View Post
So if I'm understanding this correctly, the longer I wait before playing this game, the harder and less profitable it will be to explore (probably the thing I'd do the most), because the galaxy is getting explored now even for the solo players?

That pretty much rules out my ever getting it.
Originally Posted by Knorf View Post
I'm starting to think that, too. I know that there are billions of star systems, but the unexplored ones are going to be harder and harder to reach, one assumes.
Now that I've done quite a bit of exploring, AFAICT how it works is thus:

Each body discovered is worth a certain amount of credits when turned in at a station; each body type has a base amount, which increases in proportion to the body's mass. Planets which can be terraformed also get an increase.

These credits are awarded whenever discoveries are turned in, even if someone else already discovered them, unless a detailed surface scan has been performed. It's like rediscovery without the detailed scan confirms any previous discoveries and the detailed scan commits it to cartographic memory.

The first to discover any given body gets a nice bonus when turned in. Commanders who stick around to perform a detailed surface scan, of which only Level 1 is currently available, also get a nice bonus. Detailed scans at levels 2 and 3 are nothing more than placeholders for the time being, presumably they'll be worth even more when implemented.

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