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I won't try to intersperse answers to quotes of all the different comments, so here's a list.

- partner knows you have at least 5 hearts. We play 2 over 1, so the 1H opener guarantees at least 5 (except occasionally 3rd in hand).

- it may only be 11 high card points, but under various ways of evaluating hands with a trump fit it is 15 - 17 points. And 5-loser using the losing trick count, which suggests slam zone if partner's values are in the right places.

- as stated by someone, 5S is exclusion Blackwood, so that does not help here.

I like a 4S cue bid next. It shows the spade control (partner likely has some spade losers) and by going beyond game, shows slam interest. If partner cooperates with 5C (which he does), then I think it reasonable to bid 6H. If you want to be more cautious, you can bid 5D to show your AD and continued interest. I think partner would then bid the slam (and I should know, as I was said partner).

Partner had QJxx Axxx x AQxx. It actually makes 7 when diamonds break 4-3 and the suit can be ruffed good.