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Originally Posted by Telperion View Post
One thing that helped was to make maps with metal and run through them a few times for the bonus and to be able to afford weapon upgrades.
That's what I wound up doing, and I finally completed the run. Now it's my strategy for the next run. I used to have 3 times as many miners as farmers and carpenters. Now half my Trimps are farmers, 1/3 are carpenters, and I have more trainers than miners. I choose Mountains for maps to get my metal & gems. I otherwise build to increase block rating, which means wood for gyms and food for trainers.

I mainly have been using helium to increase productivity, and traded my first 50 bones for Whipimps, which increase productivity when defeated. I bought the The Artisan/Heirloom feature after completing the No Miner option, and the purple tag shows up, but I haven't seen any further development from that.

When do we get to go past zone 25?