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Originally Posted by levdrakon View Post
I finished the Scientist challenge and am about to portal and start Balance. Any suggestions? The Wiki says to run maps every level. That about right?
The thing about balance is that you want to have 250 stacks as much as possible, and the rules are that zone squares add one and map squares subtract one.

So, assuming you'll eventually need the equipment prestiges, it's generally best to do them each level on minimal sized maps, taking your stacks from 250 down to 200 or 175. Doing this twice is not nearly as bad as dropping your stacks to 150 or 125 by doing two levels worth at once.

Exception: when you do the Wall, you're going to lower your stacks by another 100, so you might want to procrastinate on doing other maps to balance things out. It's all about balance, no pun intended.

Also, if you don't have Scientist II yet, you might want to put off starting Maps until you first get to 250 stacks.

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