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For me, the disagreement further is that we should go ahead and kill folks now, instead of letting them die, so that we can save some of the data. We don't know how the brain works. You and he may think it's computational, but it's not a model that we've developed yet. We don't know how dementia works. We don't have a way to save/store a brain. We don't know how to re-animate a brain. But, sure, let's go ahead and skip to the "inevitable" and start killing folks now to "save" something, when we know nothing at all about what we're doing. All of this because to Sam brain = computer. Maybe someday it does. Today it does not. Today it's tech we cannot replicate, and when it stops working, it's gone.

What he proposes is not inevitable, in this, or any number of other areas. Hand-waving away discussion because something will happen, with no thought to how, or why, is ludicrous. Refusing to talk to posters who question him is childish.