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You think you have a model. You might have ideas of where to start. Your core argument is that because a brain uses signals and a computer uses signals, they must in the end be equivalent. How does the brain use those signals? Different types of signals mean different things. Sometimes the same signals mean different things. Brains re-route to work around damaged sections, sometimes. They self-repair, sometimes. I could go on, but high level, the point is we don't yet understand enough about the brain to make a model about brain function to emulate. You are at step one, which seems plausible, but that's not the same thing as a model that will, in the end, be the right model. We don't know how the brain works. We need to know that in order to know what we want the computer/AI to do. Simply saying we want it to replace the brain with the AI is not sufficient. It is aspirational, but not in any way a methodology for how to get there.

A scan of all the synapses will achieve little on its own, because we don't understand what they do. It's a step, only. It's like mapping the human genome. Great, we've got it. On its own, without further research it's just data.

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