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My impression of the situation is that 1. The back surgery is somewhat tricky because of your health problems and thus both the surgery and backups could take a long to do and 2. You are on Medicaid which pays very little. Consequently most surgeons are not going to financially interested in doing your surgery. [And this is my guess of the reason for your surgeon's rejection--not blood thinners]

The exception might be a surgeon at a medical school, who might find your case interesting/a good teaching opportunity. What are the medicals schools close to you? Did you say Vanderbilt? If so go to the faculty directory and find the appropriate departments--apparently both orthopaedic surgery and neurological surgery do spine operations.

Go through and read the description of each of the faculty members and find some possibilities. Note each has an email address.

Prepare a letter, including complete a complete medical description and start sending them off (remember they might want to do it because it is medically interesting). Don't spam large numbers at once. And be sure the title is interesting enough so they read the email.

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