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Up until Hetmyer started climbing into him, Rashid's figures were pretty good - no wickets but managed to play a holding role. The main problem with going with 3 seam up bowlers and two spinners is that, in general, both the selected spinners are there to attack. The minute one of your seamers starts going around the park (as Curran did initially - and then didn't get the ball back until about 60 overs into the innings), it puts a lot of workload onto the other two, unless a spinner can bottle an end up. Rashid managed it - but it doesn't seem like it is a plan with a long term future, given what we know about Rashid and Moeen.

I'm not sure I am against Rashid and Ali playing per se (if we can get a decent first innings lead - itself not a given - having them to attack on a wearing pitch seems worthwhile), but I think I probably would have picked Broad instead of Curran, on the grounds that I trust him more to hold an end up. This marginally weakens the batting line up but as it is, our #10 has more first class centuries than all but two of the opposition. If we haven't got the runs above him, I don't see why whoever is in at 10, whether Rashid or Broad, should be expected to score the runs the rest haven't. In that sense, I'd rather the better bowler, than the all rounder in this case.

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