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Hey guys, sorry. Haven't checked in on this lately, thought interest had died. I'll bring you up to date.

Still in the efficiency apartment. Miracle of miracles, they actually knocked down the cockroaches. I've seen just one in about the past 5 or 6 weeks. Didn't have a lot of hope, as I understand the college students a few doors down don't keep a clean place, leaving fast food/pizza bags/boxes and remnants out. If you don't stop doing that, it's hard to put a stop to the roaches. They tried a few different sprays, and I guess they found one the bugs did not like. Things are a lot more pleasant when cockroaches aren't crawling on you.

Had an appointment with my primary last week at 3 in the afternoon. I have to go every 3 months to get pain pills refills. I set up transportation through my insurance company 9 days in advance. Had a reservation# and everything. At 6:30AM the day of the appointment, I call them, and they still didn't have anyone lined up. Several calls and several hours later, my sister ended up having to take me. Never tried these handicapped transports before, and my first experience didn't work out at all. Could have been worse: they could have driven me there and not picked me up.

I have an appointment on the 30th with an eye surgeon to see about getting my cataracts removed. I hope it's not too many more months before I get that taken care of. It's been two months since they said I needed them operated on, and I've been telling people I'm half-blind for about a year now. Had a confusing conversation with my sister last week when she took me to my appointment. I was asking about my car, where it was, etc. Things got confusing because we were parked right next to it and she just assumed I knew it was there, and she didn't know what it was I was talking about. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting my eyes fixed.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a proctectomy later this year. The last several inches of my colon that remain is still causing me problems - I'm incontinent from excessive mucus, some blood, and 2-3 times a day, I have a few minutes of painful, uncontrolled cramping. I'm really not looking forward to that surgery. Afterwards, you can't even sit down for 3-5 weeks, which is especially problematic for someone who can't walk/stand for more than a minute. If it goes well, though, it will eliminate that particular pain, and I won't have to wear diapers any more, which would be nice. Just 6-8 weeks more pain and discomfort, and I won't have that any more. It'll mean more time in the nursing home recovering. If things go wrong and I need more than 2 months in there, I could lose my apartment and end up in an assisted-living facility, or a nursing home, or even on the streets. It's a risk.

Still working on walking. My hope is (once I get my eyes fixed) to be able to walk to my car, park in a handicapped space, and walk into the store and get into one of those motorized chairs/carts. It would allow me to get out of the house, and buy a few things on my own, even if I can't get the heavy/perishable stuff. I could buy some things and leave them in the trunk until my sister visits.

Some random stuff:
I lost some things in the move. I had some autographed cards, including an autographed Harvey Haddix card that I probably could have sold for $100. Would have helped me get computer upgrades or a new Kindle. Had a Topps rookie Mario Lemieux card. Worst of all, I lost my Kindle Paperwhite. I have a color tablet, though it's pretty beat up from a year of over-use in the nursing home, but I really prefer the Paperwhite for extended reading. I've got alerts set up on SlickDeals to tell me when a sale comes up. Maybe they'll have a sale on refurbs, or a clearance when a new model comes out.

They made me take a pee test to get my pain pills last week. Tested me for drugs like pot and meth. Pot? I'm glad I don't know anyone. If I had the opportunity, I likely would have tried it to see if it helped my pains, then I would not have been able to get my legal opiates because of using pot. Makes sense.

I think that's pretty much everything worth talking about. Thanks for asking.

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