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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
Please keep in mind that you’re wrong.
The term is listed as derogatory in any dictionary. It is deliberately dehumanizing, by removing any indication the individuals references are human. That is why it was coined.

And this is being directed towards people who are merely doing what they feel they need to survive, and have harmed no one. (No, not even our economy, since they actually help keep it functioning. Since they can't take in any services, they are only a net gain.)

It is punching down, at people worse off than the people who say it, and who haven't in any way harmed them.

Decent people don't do that. Decent people don't come in and try to figure out a way the guy giving aid to the dying was actually the bad guy.

And decent people don't come in and defend those people, either.