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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
Why, it seems dehumanizing? Seems like a manipulative? assertion that such people, no matter what else they do or say, flatly lack a human quality.

After all, why the heck else put that out there?
Sigh. This isn't Alice in Wonderland. You cannot make words mean whatever you want them to mean. kaylasdad was not manipulative--he didn't trick anyone or coerce them into doing anything. It's simple logic. Decent people do not use 'illegals' as a noun Typo Negative used 'illegals' as a noun. Therefore Typo Negative is not a decent person.

This is, of course, understatement. He far worse than just indecent. But he is not ever referred to as less than human. So he was not dehumanized, either.

The purpose is obvious: to call out the guy for his bigoted little tirade, where he was so unhinged he used a slur. He is, at the very least, "not a decent person." I admire kaylasdad's restraint.