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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
The comparison for the many many kids who are now vaping is not between all of them smoking or vaping. It is between a very small and up until the vaping explosion long term decreasing number of kids and young adults being smokers (with that small number at long term high health risk), and the same or it seems MORE becoming smokers as a consequence of vaping and also a new overwhelming majority, perhaps even a true order of magnitude more being exposed to the more moderate but still very real health risk harms of vaping itself as well.

In that comparison vaping is a huge net harm.

The argument that vaping can help successful cigarette smoking cessation better than gum or patches is reasonable, but if vaping is then to be an ongoing habit, not quit itself later, then its longterm risks compared to those methods need to be better understood, and flavors and overall marketing that appeal to children cannot be allowed. Serious efforts to prevent this new explosion of addiction in children and young adults shuld be made.
Yes, if that is true. But what we need is to find the facts- is vaping getting more kids hooked (who then start tobacco) or is it letting more smokers quit?

However, i certainly agree that studies and programs designed to stop kids from vaping should be pursued.

I am not sure about laws designed to ban vaping, however. Lets ban cigarettes first.

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