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Originally Posted by kanicbird View Post
The counter is that we don't want to make vaping to be appealing to non-smokers, as while vaping is safer then smoking, neither is safer then vaping. What we want to do it create a Maxwells Demon, were only smokers will be given easy access to vaping but make it hard for non-smokers to take up vaping (and smoking). One answer seems obvious, make vaping as hard as smoking, thus the smoker is already used to the restrictions so no hinderance in itself, but does raise some barriers to entry for the non-vapor.
It is just about harder to vape as it is to smoke. Back a few years ago, I used to vape at work, but it was just me, my sister (who vaped), and my friend who smoked. Vaping indoors wasn't something that bothered anyone. Now that I have employees, though, vaping is outdoors only, just like smoking.

I don't know how hard it is for a minor to get vaping material, but when I was a minor, it's not like it was hard to get cigarettes. I'm all for restricting underage sales and use, but, as I'm one of those people whose life may have been saved by vaping, I have a hard time advocating to make it harder to switch.

People still take up smoking every day. Why? I dunno. My reason is that I was already addicted living with two chain smoking parents, and so I would actually go through withdrawal whenever I was out or at school until I secured my own supply. As long as people are taking up nicotine, I prefer that they take it up as vaping, for both their health and that of those around them.