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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Well, ok. Hypothetically would you then accept outlawing of manufactured cigarettes? I feel like if the FDA is going to regulate Vapes they should require cigarette companies to adhere to the same standards...which they would instantly and automatically fail.

In a world where Vapes are still readily available but smokers have to hand roll each cigarette or find someone who will roll it for them..and you could outlaw sales of tobacco leaf, only purified nicotine can be sold to licensed would force people to switch to a less harmful alternative or find a criminal.
No, I would not be in support of such a move.

I agree that prohibition rarely works well in comparison to tightly regulated and controlled markets.

E-cigarettes have NOT been held up to the same regulatory standards as cigarettes. They should be with a clear and reasoned approach to maximizing their potential benefit in increasing the numbers of current smokers who manage to quit while minimizing the numbers of new nicotine addicts with special attention to reducing youth addiction onset.