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Corrections to the amount of money potentially saved over smoking for those who don't go for the ease of use name brand that enjoys a 76% market share noted and accepted.

And if you are indeed someone who is in a group that succeeded to quit smoking with vaping while failing with other nicotine replacement products more power to you. If you have no desire to wean off of nicotine completely and are content in having had your harms reduced and the costs are, after having budgeted in for cigarettes in the past, no big deal to you, then I have no quibbles with your decision. Your life your goals. k9bfriender those are indeed big deal things.

I do remain with issues regarding practices that result in more becoming addicts, some of whom will suffer harms from that addiction, especially regarding practices that are getting many addicted in childhood.

Sorry you not having as easy of access to the added pleasure of strawberry milk or mango or watermelon vape flavorings is in comparison a cry me a river item.