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Originally Posted by Exapno Mapcase View Post
He's pulling your leg. Or he's a much worse historian than I thought. Abner Doubleday had absolutely nothing to do with baseball in any way. Albert Spaulding, a sports mogul, wanted a patriotic beginning to the sport and rigged a commission to "prove" that it was invented by Civil War hero Doubleday. Baseball had been around long before he was born and evolved as a sport all over the country. Both sides in the Civil War spent idle hours playing baseball. A large percentage of professional baseball players came from the South throughout its history, even though the teams were in the big northern cities. A much larger percentage would have if baseball had allowed "negroes" to play. The Negro Leagues included plenty of southerners, too.
Indeed, the Negro Leagues were VERY southern in content. Almost all the greatest players were from the South; the only one I can think of offhand who wasn't was Oscar Charleston, who was from Pennsylvania (well, and Martin Dihigo, who was from Cuba, which is certainly south but not The South.)
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