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City of Milwaukee urges everyone who lives there to stop vaping immediately

The city of Milwaukee issued a stern warning to residents: Stop vaping immediately.
The advisory came after 16 people were hospitalized with chemical pneumonia, a severe illness that causes lung inflammation, the Milwaukee health department said.
All of them reported vaping or "dabbing" -- inhaling potent marijuana products -- before they were hospitalized, the department said.
The link between vaping and respiratory illness isn't fully understood, officials said, but in the meantime, they're advising residents to stop using vapes, e-cigarettes and liquid THC products.
North Carolina sues 8 e-cigarette companies, alleging marketing to children

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein filed eight lawsuits against eight separate e-cigarette companies on Tuesday, alleging that the companies are "unlawfully targeting children" and not requiring appropriate age verification when selling products.
The companies included in the complaints are Beard Vape, Direct eLiquid, Electric Lotus, Electric Tobacconist, Eonsmoke, Juice Man, Tinted Brew and VapeCo, Stein said during a media conference call with reporters on Tuesday.
"There is a vaping epidemic among high schoolers and middle schoolers in North Carolina and the United States," he said. "I, as attorney general of North Carolina, refuse to stand by as e-cigarette companies entice thousands of children to use their products."