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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
I make cat treats from chicken livers (lover,heh!). I bake them to make them real dry. The liquid that oozes out is not good for anything I've found.
Put the bacon in another small tray. Save the baon grease. Free flavoring. Win!
You obviously don't enjoy chicken liver. I'm eating mine. And most of the bacon is wrapping the livers. (Each liver is cut in thirds, one piece for the small lobe, and the large lobe is cut in half.)

I think chicken liver wrapped in bacon was a popular canape in the 50s. I haven't seen it sold commercially since 1998, in Wausau Wisconsin. That spot in the "appetizers" menu seems to have been replaced with scallops wrapped in bacon, which is also good, but not what I have a hankering for.