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Originally Posted by DummyGladHands View Post
I appreciate all the suggestions. The facility that she is in now has been pleading with the family for additional medications. It comes down to a power struggle between 2 of my sibs. She has seen a gerontologist, but will no longer go to any medical appointments. I think, yes, I will call the State and County agency on aging, and the ALZ Association, but I am pretty much powerless, when my brother holds POA and backs down to my sister who actually is in denial.
So what really needs to happen is that POA Brother and Sister need to meet, together, with the care staff. You can't change either one of them, but if she's local, you can force her to face the people paying for her denial.

Does POA need to make everyone happy? Because he can either make his sister unhappy or you unhappy. Is there some reason he would rather placate the sister than you?