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Good luck. Thankfully my mom was a happy smiling calm turnip - all the staff loved her, she never gave them any trouble.

As opposed to our roomies mother. Charlotte was just starting the slide into dementia at 82, but she was *nasty*, alcoholic and passive-aggressive. At one point when she had to be transported to a hospital because of a fall she had managed to convince one of the ambulance crew that she was being abused. *sigh* When we had her regular social worker over to talk with us, she commented that she had never seen such a well set up house - we had a stair lift, a very nice custom handicapped roll in shower stall and it wasn't a freaking mobile home next to the Tar River in Greenville South Carolina [where we had moved her from] it was a 4 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom mid 60s tract house in western NY. We had to move her because she had antagonized every single social services bunch and both residence facilities down there. [And I had the house, and we had plenty of space for her.] Several times when she was in and out of the hospital she tried the whole abusive household deal, and her social worker shot down every single attempt [as if we would send her back to live on her own 800 miles away...]
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