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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
Iíve said this before, but once he got settled in, Trump would absolutely LOVE prison. Iíve read a lot about what prison was like Jordan Belfort ( The Wolf of Wall Street ) and Bernie Madoff, and I imagine Trumpís experience would be something like that on steroids.

Trump would literally be treated like a king. Heís the Ultimate Criminal of Criminals, the King Pin of the World, crimewise. And he never showed a lick of remorse. The other inmates at federal prison would worship at his feet. They would wait on him hand and foot. If the prison tried to make him do some actual work, there would be a line of people begging for the honor of doing it for him. The inmates would fight over who got to do his laundry.

No shit, Trump would LOVE prison.
Trump isn't afraid of prison. Haven't you ever seen a mob movie? He's afraid of what Putin's thugs will do to him and/or his family if it looks like he's heading to prison, because they know he's spineless enough to rat them out.
I'm not expecting any surprises.