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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
Yeah - so long as there is NO CHANCE of the Senate convicting lacking anything short of a televised murder by Trump, I'd like the House to set out as much damning evidence and as many charges as possible.

I also don't understand the timing. Why a rush to impeach before the end of the year? How has that been calculated to have the greatest impact? Is the Dems' goal removal from office, or preoccupying Trump as much as possible while maximizing the potential for electoral gains next year? IMO, the first is a nonstarter...
Obviously no one knows for sure, but I have some notions.

Despite Trump Republicans pushing a narrative to the contrary, people are paying attention to this impeachment process. They are uneasy. They are worried. I think Pelosi's calculation is to have this all wrapped up with a big red bow in time for the holiday recess -- when Congress must go back to their home states/districts and face the voters.

I know MoveOn and Indivisible are (rightly) spinning up public demonstrations in support of impeachment during the holiday recess for those who want a way to express their agreement. I suggest this may be one of the most effective times in history to share a bit of holiday camaraderie with friends and family to express the Will of the People. Public pressure has never been more important, in my view. Representatives/Senators do respond to it.

As for the rest of the year in the run-up to the election, Trump is going to be plenty busy with what Dems and others have already sought. Those court rulings are beginning to come home to roost, and the investigations will be ongoing, irrespective of what happens with this impeachment effort. If the Senate fails to remove Trump from office, it's very likely House Dems will get his tax returns as well as those Deutsche Bank/Mazars records -- and Cy Vance's New York City Office, will, too. SDNY's cases against Lev and Igor will proceed and Rudy is almost assuredly going to get scooped up. Will Rudy go to prison to protect The Donald?

By next November, anyone paying even minimal attention should grasp that Trump is a crook and a traitor to his oath of office and the nation. Let's just hope we can protect the integrity of our elections till then.