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Originally Posted by str8cashhomie View Post
The GOP did use the Benghazi hearings to "investigate" the Clinton Foundation, Media Matters, the private email server and any other thing they could try to use to drag things out. It was a successful strategy because they had no individual thing they needed to hammer home to the public because nothing they were investigating was actually a crime, and because the main goal was just to sow doubt, not to actually convince most of the public that Clinton or Obama were criminals.

The Dems have the opportunity to convince some independent voters that Trump committed a crime. The witnesses they've called gave as crystal clear an explanation as we'll ever get that Trump directed a straightforward abuse of power. In a normal criminal trial in front of a jury, it would be all well and good to prove your most solid case, and then spend a bunch of time using other charges to reduce the chances of the defendant getting off. However in this case the goal is to get the distracted public to have the best chance possible of focusing on something simple enough for them to see Trump's wrongdoing. If the impeachment trial is also about Trump paying off Stormy Daniels, his knowledge of Russia's hack on the DNC in 2016, his extortion of other countries, etc., all of which are serious charges that would make a great case in a normal trial, the public will just get more confused. If the Dems put everything in their impeachment articles it just allows the GOP to muddle the issues together and the most of the public will think (as I think they already do) "something sure seems fishy but I don't know who to trust."

Additionally, court cases involving Trump's hiding of his tax returns and financial statements and other related matters will continue to go on regardless. I think the Dems definitely need a media strategy for late in the election to try to tie some of these things together at the end as well as a strategy to make it look as bad as possible for GOP senators who vote to acquit, but making the thing that a lot of people tune into on C-SPAN now needs to be as simple as possible for the public to grasp IMO.
None of that changes the fact that this is not at all remotely close to Benghazi what the Democrats are trying to do. Taking articles impeachment to the Senate that are not Ironclad, or at least as close to Ironclad as they can be, is foolish. They will not get a second chance. Do this right.

The only people who want to rush are Republicans and you. There's a reason for the Republicans wanting to rush things. Not so sure about you.

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