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Originally Posted by sfriver View Post
Burisma paid Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying – Ukrainian MP

Adam Schiff Implicated in Bursima Investigation

Mitt Romney's 2012 national security advisor on board of Bursima

I am only trying to get the facts. Your words are hollow and worthless if all you have is to call me sad and embarrassing without presenting anything besides bullying.

Trump, chief law enforcer of the U.S., has tried to get an investigation underway but the democrats all cry Trump is only targeting political opponents. Biden is using running for office to shield an investigation.
If Trump was truly concerned that Biden might have broken the law, he would have referred any evidence to US law enforcement officials. He didn't - he asked another country to do it. That's because he had no evidence and is only worried about politics. If he had evidence, he'd present it, and law enforcement would be investigating.
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